Notes On Electromagnetics

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These are my notes on Electro-Magnetics. I am trying to understand electromagnetics from scratch. This involves understanding physics, mathematics and some experimentation. By understanding the subject in depth, I hope to apply the principles to design some new electromagnetic devices.

Course of action


Currently I refer following books on the subject:

  • Engineering electromagnetics- By William H. Hayt Jr and John A Buck
  • A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism- By James Clerk Maxwell
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics- By Erwin Kreyszig


The subject needs experimentation. As and when required, I will perform the experiments and record the results. This requires some equipments. Most of them are with me and remaining can be managed.


Recorded results are analysed, mostly using mathematics. If the results don't agree with predictions from mathematics, cause behind the errors is found out.


Currently, I have no application in mind.

Date: 2020-12-30 Wed 00:00

Author: Prasad Mehendale

Created: 2020-12-30 Wed 15:35